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What are we working on?

At ElectricBoardSolutions we are continuously innovating and making new parts. To keep track of everything we do we made an overview:

Idea phase:

- Trampa vertigo mounts
- Aluminum pulleys for evolve and boosted
- ABS enclosure for trampa decks
- Dedicated eskate trucks
- Flex enclosure that suits the flex pcb

Production phase

- Flexy battery pcb kit PRE ORDER

Ready and in stock: 

- 10” wide mountainboard decks + compatible flex enclosure
- Evolve motor mount for 63xx motors
- MBS matrix II motor mounts
- Trampa superstar 68T aluminum pulleys
- MBS Rockstar II 68T aluminum pulleys
- 50x15x4cm ABS enclosure
- 36, 40 and 44T flywheel insert pulleys
- 36T kegel insert pulley
- Steel 15T motor pulley with 8 and 10mm bore and keyway
- 40x15x3cm ABS enclosure
- 36T bolt through flywheel and kegel pulleys