Focbox Unity - BKB Xenith V2.1

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The standard dual motorcontroller for your ESK8 project.

Easy setup, video here

NO IMU or CAN Transceiver for BKB xenith

Tech Specs:

  • 160A Continuous Current
  • 300A Max Burst Current
  • 80A Motor Current (continuous)
  • Works with 3-12S Batteries (8V-51V)


  • Compatible with VESC TOOL
  • Works with firmware 5.1+ or 23.46
  • Use PPM, UART, CAN-bus, NRF remotes
  • Compatible with apps such as XMatic, Your's Truly, VESC Tool

Dimensions and Wires:

  • 115.5mm x 67mm x 18.13mm
  • Motor Wires: 12AWG
  • Motor Connector: MR60 (female set included)
  • Battery Wires: 12AWG
  • Battery Connector: XT60-M
  • 12mm Momentary Switch