Caliber Mount V2.1

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Version 2.1: updates compared to V2: 30mm bolt hole changed to 32mm

This mount is a perfect fit for 6355 and 6374 maytech motors!

Mount that fits only on caliber trucks, plate is made of strong stainless, clamp of aluminum.

Mounts are symmetrical so can be used both left and right.

Bolt holes Ø32mm and Ø44mm.

The angle is adjustable.

8mm lineair displacement for the motors.

Meant to be used with 270mm belt (15-36T setup)

Center distance 70mm Calculate your belt lenght here

 Mount includes:

* Clamp + Plate
* 5x M6 bolt
* 4x M4 bolt
* 1x M8 set screw

Truck not included!