Flexible battery PCB kit

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Assembly video here

Together with BestTechPower we developed a battery PCB kit. Full custom for DIY eskate builders!

The kit is designed for 10s4p battery config and can easly be used with any BMS. This PCB is not meant for heavy duty applications like uphill racing or offroad boards!

What are the advantages of using this battery pcb kit?
1) Allow your battery to flex with your board
2) No hassle with soldering the balance wires on the nickle strip
3) Easly removing a cell group when faulty
4) Reduce difficulty and time to make a battery pack
5) No need to use glue to keep the cells togheter

This kit includes:
1x custom PCB
20x 0.2mm custom nickel strip
20x custom battery holders
40x insulation rings
a piece of insulation paper

This kit doesn't include:
Battery cells
Solder Iron & spotwelder (https://malectrics.eu/)

continous 30A
Peak 60A
for 18650 cells only!