Aluminum Flywheel Pulley with integrated bearing

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This pulley has an integrated bearing that only can be used on a truck with a longer axle like the Caliber E trucks or TorqueBoard Trucks

Aluminum pulleys are better against wear and tear compared to 3D printed pulleys

Material: aluminum anodized black
Profile: HTD5M
Width: for 15mm wide belts
Number of teeth: 36
608zz skate bearing included

Only fits for ABEC11 flywheels (some clones might fit aswell, not the ones we sell)

Note: Don't tighten the nut of the truck axle to hard since there is no spacer between the pulley bearing and wheel bearing!

Note: if you want to use a different size bearing (f.e. with a evolve) we have some pulleys with the bearing not yet pressed in, if you would like that please mention it in the check out note.