Custom Battery Pack 10s2p 10s3p 10s4p 10s5p Samsung 30Q

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We make custom 30Q battery packs, with BMS for charging-only or BMS for charge and discharge. You can choose the configuration! Please note that we have battery packs in stock, these battery packs are better priced!

Start cost: €60

Every 10 cells in series: €80 

BMS for discharge is €40 extra (D596 with integrated E-switch)(This BMS is bigger and will therefore make the batterypack bigger +/- 8cm longer)

If you have questions please contact us!

We work with high quality Samsung 30Q cells

Please note: If you use the charge only bms cut-off voltage must be set by the ESC!


cells: 18650 Samsung 30Q
Max current: 40/60/80A
Voltage: 42V
Capacity: 6000/9000/12000mAh
Dimensions: 14x20/30/40cm (depending on config, add 8cm lenght for high discharge bms)
Config: 10S2P/10S3P/10S4P
XT-90 Connector installed
With BMS
Charger included (42V 2A)

Production time: +/- 5 days

Made in Belgium