URBEX one "Black Edition"

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Urbex: short for urban exploration. It is the act of exploring places in a city you normally don't get to see.

The URBEX one is a high performance cruiser with ofroad capabilities!
Conquer the city with this wide and comfortable high performance board. 

Quick specs:
Range: +/- 30km
Top speed: limited at 45km/h

12s5p samsung 30q
Bestech d140 bms
4A charger
8" T3 MBS tires
MBS rockstar II hubs
Metal matrix II trucks
Custom deck (95x25cm) and enclosure
Aluminum 68T wheel pulleys
15T steel motor pulleys
CNC 7075 aluminum motor mounts
Flipsky VX1 remote
Focbox Unity
2x 3500W 6374 Maytech motors

The complete board takes about 5 business days to be made!