Enertion FOCBOX

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Enertion's FOCBOX, the most popular ESC in the esk8 business!

More info you can find here.

Please note the FocBox comes with 3.5mm bullet connectors, most motors comes with 5.5mm bullet connectors. You can buy the connectors you want under the connectors menu.

Sensor adaptor not included

Buy 2 focboxes to get free shipping ;)

video guide here (bldc) or here (foc)

Download the vesc-tool here

Features & Benefits

Built into protective hard case

Aluminium heatsink included

5V 1A Output for external devices

Regenerative braking charges battery

Sensored & Sensorless Motor Control

Powerful start torque on sensorless motors

Win & Mac Compatible GUI

Common Micro USB interface


Hardware Specifications 

Voltage rating of components 8V-50V

Compatible battery 3S to 12S

Recommended 10S battery

120A Peak Current Limit 

60A Continuous Current

3.5mm bullet connectors







Main PCB: 60mm x 60mm

Hard Case Footprint: 64mm x 64mm

Hard Case Height: 22mm

Motor Wires: 50mm 

Power Wire & XT 60 Plug: 40mm

Mounting Hole pattern: 15mm X 30mm 


Software Features

FOC Control for quiet operation

Current, Speed, Duty-cycle Control

Adjustable Motor & Battery Current Limits

Low & High Voltage limits

Regenerative Battery Current Control

Advanced Features

Over Voltage protection

Current and voltage monitoring on all phases

Field Oriented Control

RPM-based phase advance (field weakening)

Rapid duty cycle changes

High RPM & RPM Limits (bi-directional)

Soft backoff for over current & over temp

amp-hour and watt-hour counting

Firmware & GUI

Open Source by Ben Vedder


GUI Built with QT


Control Interface

PPM, Analog, UART, USB, 

CAN-bus, I2C