Mr Torque - Complete eskate

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Don't have the time to build a diy eskate? No problem, now we offer a complete board made with our high quality parts!


* Dual 6355 sensored motor's
* 10s3p battery pack samsung 30Q +-30km range (depending on riding style, weight, road condition, ...)
* Orangatang caguama orange wheels
* E-caliber trucks
* Aluminum wheel pulleys 36T
* Dual VESC-based controller
* Maytech remote
* 2A charger
* Bamboo stiff deck
* 3mm ABS enclosure

Estimated range: 30km
Estimated top speed: 35km/h on 85mm caguama's 40km/h+ on ABEC11 superfly

The board is upgradable with flywheel pulleys and ABEC11 flyheels without the need to change your belts or motor distance

Note: This board is not waterproof, riding in the rain will cause permanent failure on the electronics.

Shipping only to EU-countries.

2 years warranty on manufacturing faults